Cheap international calls – from your landline or mobile

Talking to Turkey, chatting to the Canaries? Wherever you’re calling overseas you’ll enjoy saving a fortune by using Cheap Cheap instead of BT or your normal phone service provider. You can call from any landline or any mobile, and with Cheap Cheap, you’ll always save a massive amount.

Make Cheap Calls to the USA from a landline, for example, and you’ll pay just 2p a minute, any time, any day – that’s 18p cheap cheap cheaper per minute than BT. Make Cheap Calls to India from your mobile and you pay just 2p (38p a minute cheap cheap cheaper than BT). Cheap Cheap Calls to South Africa during a working day are just 2p from your landline (plus your phone provider’s access charge)  – saving you 78p a minute vs BT.

It’s so easy you’d be cuckoo not to use us

Find the country you want to call then just dial our access number before you’re prompted to key in your normal overseas number. Don’t forget the international country code, starting 00 as usual!

There are no sign-ins, passwords, fees, registrations or anything like that. Just use the Cheap Cheap international access number every time you want to make cheap international calls, to that country.

We simply re-route your call around our egg-cellent Voip network, instead of BT’s expensive one – and pass the huge savings on to you!

A smaller bill

For example, to make Cheap Calls to Poland you just dial 0843 716 3333 then 0048 plus the local Polish number. You’ll pay 2p a minute which is 38p cheaper than calling via BT.

The call will appear on your bill in the normal way, but the Cheap Cheap access number will show rather than the international number.

To start making cheap international calls right now, just search below for the country you want to call.

Most Called Countries


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