Cheap Calls to Albania

A Call to Albania costs 8p a minute, 24/7

(plus your phone provider’s access charge)

Use Cheap Cheap Calls to call your friends and family in Albania and you can save a huge amount on every single call.

You can make huge savings on calls to Albanian landlines and you can also make fantastic savings when you use Cheap Cheap to call a Albanian mobile, too.

For example, if you choose Cheap Cheap to call Albania from a UK landline and you chat for an hour, it’s £43.20 cheaper than with BT who will currently charge you an eye-watering 80.00p a minute! But all you need to do to make a Cheap Call to Albania right now, is dial 0872 560 3333 before your normal Albanian number.

To make Cheap Calls to Albania from a UK landline dial 0872 560 3333 + 00355 + local number

Cheap calls to Albania from a UK landline will cost you just 8p a minute (plus your phone provider’s access charge) – any time, and day, all year round. That’s 72p a minute cheap cheap cheaper than calling Albania from a UK landline using BT’s service.

It’s really easy to make Cheap Cheap international calls to Albania from your landline. Here’s how:

  • Instead of just dialling the overseas number, call 0872 560 3333 first
  • Once connected you’ll hear a quick greeting, and then another dial tone
  • Now dial the full Albanian phone number you wish to reach starting with 00355 as usual

So, if you want to make a Cheap Cheap call from a UK landline to Tirana (Tirane), for example, first you need to dial 0872 560 3333 followed by 00355 and the local phone number.

  • When you’ve finished chatting just put the phone down in the usual way
  • On your bill, the number for the Albania call appears as 0872 560 3333.
  • You’ll simply notice how unbelievably cheap cheap cheaper the call was than what you’d normally expect to pay when you call Albania!

Cheap Cheap Calls to Albanian Mobiles too

To make cheap cheap calls to Albania mobiles from a UK landline, dial 0913 152 3333, then 00355 followed by the full Albanian mobile number you wish to call. Calls to 0913 152 3333 from a UK landline cost just 20p per minute at all times (plus your phone provider’s access charge).

How do we bring you such cheap cheap call rates to Albania?

It’s simple really. We divert your calls around our international internet network, so we don’t have to use the hugely expensive networks owned by the likes of BT. So whether you make a cheap cheap call to a Albanian landline or to an Albania mobile, and whether you’re calling from your UK landline or a UK mobile, you can make huge, huge savings.

With Cheap Cheap international calls to Albania from your landline or from your mobile, there are no hidden costs or fees—all you have to remember is the Cheap Cheap number to dial before you dial the Albanian number as usual. Totally easy and totally cheap cheap cheap!

Area NameArea Code
Bajram Curri213

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