Whilst the government’s cutting costs all over the place, we’re cutting the cost of phone calls all over the world.

It’s not just HM Government that’s feeling the squeeze at the moment. Businesses (and ordinary men and women) across the country are looking for ways to lower their costs.

And ‘Cheap Cheap Calls’ can help them all save a fortune right away – as long as they make international phone calls, that is…

Avoid BT with our cost-cutting technology

We can give you bumper savings on the cost of all your overseas calls simply by diverting your calls through our own international gateway. We don’t have to pay to use BT’s network, and therefore, neither do you.

If you haven’t used ‘Cheap Cheap Calls’ for your international calls before, the reduction in your calling costs can be beyond belief. Try these for size:

Call the USA, it’ll cost you just 1p a minute. (And our call costs are the same whatever time you call, whatever the day of the week, too.)

Australia, Canada, Brazil, China, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia and virtually the whole of Europe: you guessed it, just 1p a minute 24/7.

Click here to see the very latest, hot-off-the-press price list reductions for the country you need to call.

Let’s cut to the chase

  • Go to http://cheapinternationalcalls.co.uk to find the special ‘Cheap Cheap Calls’ access number for the country you want to call
  • Dial this number first and listen out for a second dialling tone
  • Now dial the full overseas phone number as normal not forgetting the 00 you usually dial
  • For example, say you were to calling Latvia, you’d dial 0843 715 3333 (the ‘Cheap Cheap Calls’ access number) then 00371 (the Latvian code as usual) then the local number eg 45 464748
  • On your phone bill the call to Latvia will appear as 0843 715 3333

We’ve cut the prices, we’ve cut the complexity, we’ve even cut out passwords, hidden fees and PINs.

Which means that all you get with ‘Cheap Cheap Calls’ are pure unadulterated, no-nonsense cheap international calls.

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