With Cheap Cheap Calls you can make international calls cheap cheap cheaply to practically every country in the world. Our call prices start from a rock-bottom 1p a minute—including calls to the USA, Australia, China and most of Europe.

Which means even if your thoughts aren’t particularly earth-shaking, you haven’t thought of a cure for cancer, and you haven’t thought of a way to power the world’s cars off sand, you can still share them with friends and family practically anywhere on earth from just a penny a minute.

Needless to say this is PHENOMENALLY cheaper than making exactly the calls with BT. What’s more, we’re bashing down the cost of calling at the time. Here are a few of this month’s reductions:

Austria mobiles—now only 2.5p a minute to call
Barbados—now only 3p a minute
Cyprus mobiles—now just 2p
Czech Republic mobiles—now only 5p
Fiji—down from 15p to 10p
Finland—now just 2.5p
Georgia—down to 1.5p
Grenada—slashed from 15p to 1.5p!
Iceland—down from 6p to just 1p
Indonesia mobiles—down to 2.5p
Kuwait—reduced to 2.5p
Kosovo—plummets from 20p to 4p
New Zealand mobiles—down to 7p
Slovenia—down from 8p to 1p
South Korea—was 6p now 1p
Swaziland—down from 15p a minute to just 3p

Cheap Cheap’s cheap cheap charges don’t change depending on what day it is or what time it is either. You make these super savings 24/7 365, as they say.

Plus there are no PINs, no passwords, user-names, signups or any of that impossible-to-remember stuff that clogs up our brains these days (well, mine anyway).

You can make a Cheap Cheap call from a landline or a mobile—even on lines where international calls are barred. That’s because we send your international call around the Cheap Cheap internet network so your phone thinks you’re just dialling a regular UK number. Which you sort of are, come to think of it.

Take the Cheap Cheap Challenge

Sounds too easy? It IS easy! In fact, we challenge you to find an easier way to save so much, so quickly, and so enjoyably!

Take the Cheap Cheap Challenge right now and see how much you can save compared with BT. Here’s how…

1: Click HERE to go to Cheap Cheap and find the Cheap Cheap number to ring for the country you want to call

2: Dial it the Cheap Cheap number. You’ll now hear a voice asking you to dial your normal overseas number

3: Just key in the full international number, including the international dialling code starting with zero zero

4: That’s it! Told you it wasn’t much of a challenge

5: The call appears on your bill as the Cheap Cheap number you dialled first.


Robin James
Managing Director

The (admittedly pathetic) Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of the Month

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