This Christmas, Cheap Cheap will save you a fortune on all those Christmas calls to your friends and family all over the world. Leaving you with more hard-earned dosh to spend on the useful Christmas stuff like the turkey, the taters and the trifle!

And with the weather going a bit brrrrrrrrrrrr nippy all of a sudden I can’t think of any better reason to stay indoors, pour yourself something warming, and settle down to a nice long catch-up on the phone—with per minute prices to most major countries’ land lines from just 1p a minute.

And that’s all day, every day—including Christmas Day!

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We’ve had a bit of a blitz on calls to foreign mobiles too, this month. Let’s face it, more and more of us are doing a lot more gassing when we’re out and about—and the same goes for our overseas friends and relatives, too.

There are loads or reductions to mobiles to highlight this month—but just in case you thought Cheap Cheap only did Cheap Cheap calls to the biggest countries, check these out:

Albania mobiles, down to 7p a minute
Burundi mobiles, down to 6p a minute
Czech republic mobiles down to 4p a minute
Israel mobiles down to 2.5p a minute
Malawi mobiles down to 4p a minute
Netherlands mobiles down to 4p a minute
New Zealand mobiles down to 5p a minute
Slovenia mobiles down to 5p a minute
South Korea mobiles down to 1.5p a minute
Vietnam mobiles down to 3p a minute

You don’t need me to tell you that you’d spend considerably more, with a capital C, if you called these mobiles using BT or one of the other greedy big operators.

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Pudding BT out of business

We bring you such amazingly cheap cheap international calls simply by avoiding the BT international call system.

So when you dial the Cheap Cheap access number, we cleverly redirect your international call round the Cheap Cheap international internet system instead.

In other words, because we don’t have to pay the big operators big operating costs, neither do you.

It’s Cheap Cheap and it’s easy peasy—from your landline, your mobile or your office phone, 24/7.

As easy as pulling a cracker

It’s not just Cheap Cheap, it’s unbelievably straightforward too—whether you cal from your landline, your mobile or your office phone (even where overseas calls are officially barred).

And there are no passwords, PINs, or usernames or any of that annoying stuff!

1: Fly over to the Cheap Cheap website and get our special number to ring for whichever country you’d like to call cheap cheap cheaply.

2: You just tap tap this number in and then listen out for a voice asking you to dial your normal overseas number.

3: Dial the full international number, being very careful to include the FULL international dialling code that begins with 00 (zero zero), exactly as you would if you were making a normal overseas call.

On your next bill from your phone operator, the Cheap Cheap overseas call you made will simply appear as the UK Cheap Cheap special number you dialled first; not the international destination number you actually spoke to.

That’s all there is to it.

On which note of seasonal good cheer, it just remains for me to say ‘have a great Christmas and a lovely next year’ and thanks for using Cheap Cheap for all your cheap cheap international calls!

Robin James
MD Cheap Cheap

The Cheap Cheap Christmas Bird Joke (naturally featuring a turkey):

What do you get when you cross a turkey with a centipede?
A leg for everyone at Christmas dinner!

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