Cheap Cheap Calls—they’re jolly cheap indeed, no doubt about it. Except that now they’re even cheap cheap cheaper when you call certain countries.

Loads of destinations are still unbelievably cheap cheap at only a measly 1p a minute—the USA, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, China, Israel, Thailand, and practically all the countries in Europe—to name just a few, but now we’ve managed to drag a load more prices kicking and screaming towards rock bottom.

Argentina: now just 5p a minute
Cambodia mobiles: now just 2.5p a minute
Costa Rica landlines: now just 2.5p a minute
French Guiana mobiles: now 9p down from 15p
Greece mobiles: down to 5p
Israel mobiles: down to 4p
Nicaragua landlines: now 8p
Paraguay landlines: now only 2p
Vietnam mobiles: down to 2.5p

To find out the very latest call rates to the country you need to call, click here: Cheap Cheap Phone Calls.

(And don’t forget to pop back regularly to see which prices we’ve dropped next.)

You’d have to be a raven lunatic to use BT!

You’re probably racking your brains, thinking, ‘how do they do it?’ How can they be THAT much cheap cheap cheaper than someone like BT for overseas calls.

Easy really. By diverting your call round the Cheap Cheap internet network we avoid BT’s outrageous charges and pass on the savings to you—24/7.

Not only that, you can make your Cheap Cheap international calls from your landline or from mobile—including on lines where international calls are theoretically barred. (Because you dial a local UK access number to get onto the Cheap Cheap network.)

Don’t be a chicken, give it a go right now

Here they are, the five steps to international call-rate nirvana:

1: Go to the website and get the Cheap Cheap access number to ring for the country you want to call (you don’t need any PINs or codes or any of that rubbish, by the way). Click here to get there: Cheap Cheap Website

2: Dial the access number for the country you want to talk to. You’ll hear a voice asking you to dial your normal overseas number.

3: Key in the full international number, not forgetting the international dialling code starting with zero zero.

4: When you’re done gassing, just end the call as usual.

5: On your bill the Cheap Cheap international call will simply appear as the Cheap Cheap access number you dialled first.

If you want to make a Cheap Cheap Call to Poland, for instance, you just dial 0843 715 3333 followed by 0048 plus the local Polish number.

Remember, friends, these cheap cheap international call prices, apply all day, every day.

Robin James
MD Cheap Cheap (the cheap overseas calls company where even the MD’s a bird)

The Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of the Month:

How can a blackbird land safely when it’s broken its wing?
It uses a sparrowchute!

(Of course it’s awful!—that’s why, if you’ve got a better bird joke, send it in and we’ll publish it in a newsletter.

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