Let’s not beat about the bush. If you want to make an overseas phone call, right now, you’d be batty not to use Cheap Cheap.

We’re so much cheaper than the likes of BT it’s almost unbelievable – until you try us for yourself…

For example, call the USA with BT and you pay 17.5p a minute.

But how much do you think we’ll charge you?

15p? No.
13p? Quite a saving on a long call. No.
10p (big big saving!). Nope.

In fact, and I hope you’re sitting down, call the USA with Cheap Cheap and you pay just 1p a minute.

That’s not a typographical mistake—I’ll spell it out for you just in case: a penny a minute.

Here’s how you make a Cheap Cheap call to get yourself some of these monstrous savings:

1: Go to the Cheap Cheap website and get the special Cheap Cheap number to ring for the country you’d like to call. Click here to get there: Cheap Cheap Website

2: Dial the Cheap Cheap number and listen for a voice asking you to dial your normal overseas number.

3: Now carefully dial your usual full international number, including the international dialling code that begins with 00 (zero zero). That’s it!

5: On your next phone bill the call will simply appear as the Cheap Cheap access number you dialled first.

(Which is why you can use Cheap Cheap from phones where international calls are actually barred, too.)

So to call the USA you’d just dial the Cheap Cheap code number first, 0843 715 3333 then wait for the voice to prompt you, then dial your normal US number.

1p calls all around the globe

In fact, Cheap Cheap lets you call all these countries, and many many more, for just a penny a minute:

Australia, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, USA

And we’re doing our very best to keep cutting costs to other destinations too: this month, for example, we’ve lopped a few pence off call costs to Uganda, Turkey mobiles (Sudan, Kazakhstan, Finland mobiles, Costa Rica and Albania.

Click here to see the latest Cheap Cheap prices

Finally, before I forget, here’s the Cheap Cheap 100% guaranteed hilarious* bird joke of the month:

What do you give a poorly canary?

Robin James
Managing Director
Cheap Cheap

*No refunds given if joke not found to be hilarious by reader.

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