But at least our latest price reductions are something everyone will warm to…

You may be buttoning up your wooly jumper and supergluing your souwester to your head but at least there’s a little ray of sunshine coming your way this month—yet more super-hot price reductions from Cheap Cheap.

Bahrain & Barbados, Cuba & Costa Rica, Mexico & Morocco, Peru & Pakistan, Senegal & South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago…just reading the names makes you feel like putting on a flowery shirt, a battered straw hat and breaking out the refreshing bright blue cocktails. And to hell with the force nine gale and monsoon conditions outside your window.

Specially when you learn how cheap cheap it is to call them with the rather appropriately named Cheap Cheap.

We’ve slashed the cost of calling all these countries—and loads more—to as little as 1p a minute. You can find a full breakdown of all our hot-off-the-press prices by clicking through to our mainwebsite…..HERE

We’ve chopped the cost of calling landlines and calling mobiles and don’t forget: when you call with Cheap Cheap you get Cheap Cheap calls all day, every day, not just on certain days at certain times (like some big famous phone companies we could mention).

Hop over to Cheap Cheap

When you use Cheap Cheap you’ll be chuffed to discover there are no passwords, PINs, or usernames or any of that boring stuff to get your head round.

And you can call from your mobile as well as your landline (if you still have one!) Here’s how to get started on the savings:

1: Just hop to the Cheap Cheap website and get our special number to ring for the country you’d like to call cheap cheap cheaply.

2: Dial this number and then wait to be asked to dial your normal international number.

3: Now dial the full international number, including the international 00 code, ie exactly as you would if you were making a normal international call.

4: When you get your next phone bill your super-cheap Cheap Cheap will show as the UK Cheap Cheap access number you dialled first; and not the international destination number you actually spoke to.

Cheap as chirrups

In case you’re wondering,”How on earth do those charming Cheap Cheap chaps do chats as cheap as cheap cheap chips?”, it’s simple.

We redirect all your Cheap Cheap calls round our internet network so we (and you) don’t have to pay to use BT’s network with its jolly expensive satellites and highly paid board of directors.

And we pass these savings on to you.

To get cracking (and get saving), find the Cheap Cheap number for the country you need to call right now: Cheap Cheap calls

Cheap Cheap Cheers!

Robin James
MD Cheap Cheap

The Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of the Month

Why did the owl howl? Because the woodpecker would peck ‘er!

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