Those of you with long memories, white hair and long white beards might just about remember that, when pterodactyls squawked mencingly overhead, there were these things called half-pennies.  A half penny coin, in fact.

Even odder, they were called hay-punnies. Not half pennies. Even back then they wouldn’t get you much. Maybe a couple of chewy sweets if you were lucky.

Which is why it’s even more beaksmacking than your pals at Cheap Cheap have managed to get the cost of an international phone call from your landline down to 0.5p (as we say in 2013). This month both Cyprus and Germany have got the half pee a minute treatment.

But the savings don’t stop there. Have a gander at this little lot—some of this month’s extra price drops to feast your eyes on:

Angola Mobile – 5p
Armenia – 6p
Armenia Mobile -9p
Austria Mobile – 2.5p
Bahamas – 4p
Belgium Mobile – 1.5p
Bermuda (landline and mobile) – 2p
Bosnia and Herzegovina – 7p
Croatia Mobile – 7p
Egypt Mobile – 7p
French Guiana – 2.5p
Georgia Mobile – 8p
Honduras – 8p
India Mobile – 1p
Iraq – 8p
Israel Mobile – 1p
Japan Mobile – 5p
Kazakhstan – 3p
Kyrgyzstan – 8p
Malta Mobile – 3p
Mozambique – 4p
Mozambique Mobile – 7p
Netherlands Antilles (landline and mobile) – 7p
Nigeria – 4p
Norway Mobile – 2.5p
Saudi Arabia – 5p
Saudi Arabia Mobile – 7p
Sri Lanka – 7p
Switzerland Mobile – 8p

Naturally calls to most of Europe are still only a penny a minute—but as soon as we get them any Cheap Cheap cheaper, you’ll be first to know.


No need to get in a flap

Making your Cheap Cheap half pee (or one pee, or any other pee) call couldn’t pee—sorry be—easier. All you have to do is dial a special Cheap Cheap access code before your usual international number. Like this:

1. Dial the Cheap Cheap code for the country you want to call. (Find them all here)

2. Listen for a SECOND dial tone

3. Dial your international number in the normal way, including the 00 at the start

4. Talk for as long as you like. (There are no penalties for long calls with Cheap Cheap.)

5. Look for the Cheap Cheap access number when your bill arrives (not the actual number you spoke to)

6. Enjoy your savings!


Wing from your mobile too

We wouldn’t want our mobile customers to get left out, would we. So rest assured you can make splendiforously huge savings on international moblile calls too. Click here to find out how.

To celebrate our new 0.5p rates to Germany and Cyprus in traditional style, you’ll be delighted to hear that the Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of the Month is particularly awful this month.

Why did the chewing gum cross the road?
It was stuck to the chicken’s foot!


Robin James
MD Cheap Cheap

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