Now you can make international calls from just 0.5p a minute—there’s Cheap Cheap international calls and there’s gobsmackingly Cheap Cheap international calls!

If you thought Cheap Cheap was a great way to save a packet on all your international calls, think again. Because, now, with calls costing as little as 0.5p a minute from a landline, it’s an absolute bloomin’ mind-bogglingly brilliant way to save an absolute fortune!

So far, we’ve reduced the following ten destinations to half a penny a minute (when you call from a landline). But there are many more in the pipeline…

Canada                      Just 0.5p a minute

France                      Just 0.5p a minute

Hungary                    Just 0.5p a minute

Ireland                       Just 0.5p a minute

Israel                          Just 0.5p a minute

Italy                            Just 0.5p a minute

Netherlands             Just 0.5p a minute

Sweden                     Just 0.5p a minute

Venezuela                 Just 0.5p a minute

There’s a new access code to dial for these destinations, too. So if you’re a regular Cheap Cheap user, make a note of it. To call any of these countries for just 0.5p a minute (and that’s 24/7/365 remember), the Cheap Cheap access code will start with 0843 825 3333 

All you have to do is dial the special Cheap Cheap access number before your normal international phone number (including the 00 at the front). We then redirect your call round the Cheap Cheap internet network. The Cheap Cheap access number you dialled first is what appears on your bill.

Cheap Cheap Cheaper mobile calls too!

We’d hate mobile users to feel left out with all these fantabulous new landline deals to choose from, so we’ve reduced the price of many international calls from mobiles too!

Here are just a few of our new Cheap Cheap per minute rates:

China                                      Down to 2p a minute

Denmark mobiles               Down to 4p a minute

Hungary                                Down to 1p a minute

Jamaica                                  Down to 8p a minute

Kuwait                                   Down to 10p a minute

Norway mobiles                  Down to 5p a minute

Peru                                       Down to 1.5p a minute

South African Mobiles  Down to 9p a minute

Venezuela mobiles             Down to 4p a minute


To access these mobile savings you just text SAVE to 68888 to buy £5 of calling credit and get a PIN. This costs £5 plus one standard network rate text. To use the credit, just dial 01613 28 28 20 from your mobile. Follow the instructions you hear then dial the full international number starting with 00 as usual.

To find the Cheap Cheap call cost for the country you’d like to call from your mobile, just CLICK HERE.

Make a Cheap Cheap call to your lovely lovely mum

 Finally, it’s International Mothers’ Day on Sunday 12th May, all round the world (but not in the UK!). So if your mum lives abroad, spoil her a Mothers’ Day call. She’ll never know you’re really a CheapCheapskate calling her with Cheap Cheap!

And don’t forget to tell her the Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of the Month to keep her chuckling.


Robin James

MD Cheap Cheap

The Stupendously Hilarious Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of the Month

Why did the chicken go to the séance?

To get to the other side.

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