Or rather, let’s talk to Turkmenistan. That delightful, if oddly named, country is just one of the places that you can talk to even more cheaply this month – thanks to another gob-smacking round of Cheap Cheap international call rate price cuts.

So if one of your New Year’s resolutions is Spend Less Money in 2014, Cheap Cheap is here to help!

This month we’ve concentrated on making calls even Cheap Cheap Cheaper to a few of the more obscure spots on the globe. Not just Turkmenistan, but Anguilla, Paraguay and Uzbekistan too. Here are a few of the juiciest picks…

Pence per minute
Andorra Mobiles 10p
Anguilla 6p
Anguilla Mobiles 13.3p
Australia Mobiles 4p
Belize 15.3p
Belize Mobiles 15.3p
Brazil 1p
Brazil Mobiles 10p
Cambodia 3p
Cayman Islands 4p
Cayman Islands Mobiles 10p
Chile Mobiles 10p
Grenada Mobiles 13.3p
Iran 2.5p
Papua New Guinea 40.9p
Paraguay 2p
Philippines Mobiles 7p
Poland Mobiles 1.5p
Russia Mobiles 9p
Rwanda 18.4p
Turkmenistan 7p
Turkmenistan Mobiles 7p
Uzbekistan 4p
Uzbekistan Mobiles 4p

Pretty impressive, no? Take a quick sneaky gander at what BT and the other big suppliers will charge you for the same calls and you’ll find your beak on the floor.

And remember, these per minute call prices apply all day every day. Including Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. In other words, when you make your international call with Cheap Cheap, every single day is Cheap Cheap International Calls Day.

How do we do it so unbelievably Cheap Cheaply? Easy. We divert your international phone call round the Cheap Cheap internet network instead of the Expensive Expensive BT one. You get the benefit (and BT doesn’t)!

You dial the special Cheap Cheap access number before you dial your normal international number, we hijack your call and send it whizzing merrily round our network – and for a tiny fraction of what you’d normally expect to pay.

When you get your landline bill, the international call you made will show as the Cheap Cheap access number you dialled first. That’s why you can make Cheap Cheap calls on phone where international calls are theoretically banned. (We won’t tell your boss if you don’t.)

Click here to find the Cheap Cheap number for the country you’d like to call from your landline

It’s far, far Cheap Cheaper to call overseas from your mobile, too, although it’s a slightly different – but just as easy – process. Click below to get all the info.

Click here to find out more about Cheap Cheap international calls from your mobile

All that remains is to wish you a marvellously Cheap Cheap (or at least not too expensive) Christmas and a splendiferously economical 2014. In the meantime, enjoy our extra-festive, super-seasonal bird joke!


Robin James
MD Cheap Cheap


The Cheap Cheap Christmas Bird Joke of the Month – naturally featuring a turkey!

A bloke is driving down the motorway and is astonished to see a turkey steaming up behind him in his rear-view mirror. In fact it overtakes him and, as it’s passing, the driver notices it’s got six legs. “Blimey!” he says, “a six-legged turkey, I wonder where it’s going”. He puts his foot down hard and chases the turkey at speeds of up to 100 mph, finally arriving at a remote farm where the turkey zooms into a little wooden hut and disappears from sight. The driver is perplexed and knocks at the farmhouse door. “I’ve just chased a six legged turkey for 50 miles and it came in here”. “Yes, I breed them.” “You breed six legged turkeys?” “Yes. You see, at Christmas dinner, I likes a leg, the wife likes a leg and the four kids all likes a leg. So I bred them.” “That’s amazing! Do they taste the same as normal turkeys?” “No idea, mate. We’ve never caught one.”

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