We’ve really done it this time.  Talk about putting the cat among the pigeons.

This month we’ve chopped the cost of calling more international call destinations than ever before… including dropping the cost of calls to Italy to a totally and utterly bird brained 0.5p a minute.

Yep, that’s not a typo.  You haven’t had a brain freeze.  It’s now half a pence a minute to call Italy with Cheap Cheap.

Match that BT! (Hint, they won’t get within a bird’s breadth.)

And that’s just for starters.  There’s not enough room here to show you all the prices we’ve taken our spikiest beak to this month, so here’s a few just to whet your appetite:

Bahamas – now just 5p

Cambodia – now just 3p

Colombia – now just 2p

Dominican Republic – now just 1.5p

Ecuador – now just 6p

Finland – now just 2.5p

Gibraltar – now just 2p

Guadeloupe – now just 1p

Hong Kong Mobile – not just 1.5p

Italy – now just 0.5p

Kenya – now just 8p

Malawi – now just 8p

Mauritius – now just 6p

Mexican Mobiles – now just 2.5p

Polish Mobiles – now just 2p

Portugal Mobiles – now just 1.5p

Senegal – now just 10p

South Korean Mobiles – now just 1.5p

Spain Mobiles – now just 1.5p

Turkey – now just 2.5p

Feeling peckish?

If the costs above have hot you all hot and bothered, you’re in for a tweet when you click here to visit the Cheap Cheap homepage.  You simply will not believe your eagle-eyes when you see how many countries have had their calling costs cut to smithereens.

But you only get the Cheap Cheap calling costs when you call with Cheap Cheap.  So, without further ado, here’ how you do it:

1. Find the Cheap Cheap access number to dial for the country you need to speak to. click here to get all those super-low costs right now

2. Dial the number and you’ll be asked to key in your full overseas number exactly as you normally would

3. This must include the 00 international dialling code

4. At the end of the call, just hang up.  Remember, with Cheap Cheap, you can talk for as long as you like without henalty – sorry, without penalty.

5. When you get your next bill, it’s be as small as a wren’s.  All the Cheap Cheap international calls will show the access number you dialled first – not the international number you actually had a lovely long chitchat to.

And of course with Cheap Cheap Calls, there are no boring PINs or painful passwords of any of that stuff to worry about.  Just dial the Cheap Cheap access code before the international number you want to talk to and, bingo, a Cheap Cheap call is yours to enjoy whenever you like.

And we mean WHENEVER.  That’s because our call rates, even our 0.5p a minute to Italy rate, are yours to savour all day every day.  Unlike those big boys whose call charges go up and down like a peacocks tail feathers.


That’s it in an eggshell.  If you’re working to a tight budgie, there’s no easier way to save a genuine fortune on your international calls.

Robin James

Managing Director

The Last Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of The Summer

A man walks into the office of a theatrical agent on the top floor of a London office block. “I’ve gotan amazing act,” he tells the agent, “just watch this.” He opens the window, perches on the ledge and starts flapping his arms.  Suddenly he jumps off before the agent can grab him but amazingly, he flies around outside., doing elegant swoops and dives before flying back through the window.  “So, what do you think of that?” he asks the agent.  The agent yawns. “That’s all you got for me? Bird imitations?”

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