And the best news of all is that these super January Savers aren’t just for January. We’ve lopped huge chunks off calling costs to loads of different countries—from your landline AND from your mobile—and these prices are here to stay—until we make them even lower that is!

Here are some of the headline bargains: call a mobile in Germany for just 2p a minute—that’s 50% off the old price…call a Mexico mobile for just 2.5p…a Thailand landline is down to only 1.5p and you can now call a Russia landline for an amazing 1p a minute…

You get these prices all day, every day. There are no hidden fees or costs, no signups, passwords or PINs. Just great savings every time you pick up your phone to call overseas.

Have a gander at some more of our top January savers (all prices are pence per minute 24/7):

Angola  Was 5p Now 4p

Angola mobile  Was 7p Now 5p

Argentina  Was 3p Now 2p

Bangladesh mobile  Was 2.5p Now 2p

Brazil mobile Was 8p Now 7p

France mobile Was 4p  Now 2.5p

Greece mobile  Was 5p  Now  2.5p

Kenya Was 6p  Now 5p

Kenya mobile  Was 7p  Now 6p

Malaysia mobile  Was 1p  Now 1p

Mozambique  Was 5p  Now 4p

Namibia  Was 4p  Now 3p

Netherlands mobile  Was 5p  Now 3p

Philippines  Was 8p  Now 7p

Poland mobile  Was 4p  Now 3p

Portugal mobile   Was 2.5p  Now 2p

Qatar  Was 10p Now 9p

Spain mobile  Was 5p  Now 4p

Sri Lanka  Was 9p  Now 8p

Sudan mobile  Was 9p  Now 7p

Sweden mobile  Was 2.5p  Now 2p

Trinidad and Tobago  Was 5p  Now 4p

Uzbekistan  Was 5p  Now 4p

Zimbabwe  Was 6p  Now 5p

But remember, these are just SOME of the new prices on offer. Check our website for the country you want to call. We can’t guarantee we’ve reduced the price but we can guarantee it’ll be blooming cheap!

Click here to see all of Cheap Cheap’s latest prices

It’s all very well being Cheap Cheap as chips, but if Cheap Cheap was Hard Hard to use, you wouldn’t bother.

That’s why we’ve made it Cheap Cheap and Simple Simple…

1: First, go to the Cheap Cheap website and get the special Cheap Cheap number to ring for the country you’d like to call. (Click on the link above.)

2: Dial this access number and listen for a recorded voice asking you to dial your normal overseas number

3: Now carefully dial your usual full international number, including the international dialling code starting 00.

4: End your call in the normal way.

Easy. Just make a note of the access number and use it every time you want to make a super-cheap international call to that country.

On your phone bills, the international Cheap Cheap calls will show up as the Cheap Cheap access number you dialled. And NOT the overseas number you actually spoke to.

Have a terrifically cheap 2013 and best wishes from everyone here at Cheap Cheap HQ. (And don’t forget to share this month’s terrible joke—see below— with your friends all round the world!)


Robin James

MD Cheap Cheap


The Cheap Cheap New Year Bird Joke of the Month

 A burglar breaks into a house one night and as he tiptoes stealthily  across the living room he hears a voice: “JESUS IS WATCHING YOU!” He freezes in his tracks and waits before starting to move again. The same squawky voice comes through the darkness: “JESUS IS WATCHING YOU!”. Finally the burglar’s eyes adjust to the dark and he breathes a sigh of relief as he sees a parrot in a cage in the corner. “What’s your name,” he asks the parrot. ” My name’s Bonzo” says the parrot. “Bonzo? What idiot gave you that stupid name?” laughs the burglar. “The same idiot who named the Rottweiller Jesus.”


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