There’s no other way to put it: we’ve excelled ourselves this time—with over thirty international call destinations down in price this month. And for international calls to many mobiles as well as landlines.

So without further ado, here are just a few of our price reductions to get you started. To find out all our very latest call costs just click on the link below.

                        Old cheap rate          New even cheaper rate


Bangladesh                 3p                                                        2.5p

Chile                          2p                                                        1.5p

Finland mobiles            5p                                                        4p

Greece mobiles          2.5p                                                     1.5p

Israel mobiles             2.5p                                                     1.5p

Italy mobiles                 7p                                                        6p

Jamaica                       6p                                                        5p

Kazakhstan                 7p                                                        5p

Nepal                           8p                                                        7p

Nigeria                         6p                                                        5p

Poland mobiles           3p                                                        2.5p

Sweden mobiles        2.5p                                                     2p


If those don’t put a spring in your step, check out all our latest, bang-up-to-date Cheap Cheap call costs are RIGHT HERE.

How we make your international calls so cheap cheap

To get our stupendous spring savings on all your international phone calls, all you have to do is dial a special Cheap Cheap access phone number before you dial your usual overseas number. This connects you to the Cheap Cheap system so we can redirect your call (instantly and invisibly) around the Cheap Cheap international internet network instead.

So when your bill arrives from your phone supplier, the call is show as the Cheap Cheap access number, not the final destination number you actually spoke to.

By the way, you can use Cheap Cheap from any phone, from any supplier—any landline, any mobile, and even an office phone where international calls are ‘locked’ (because you’re actually dialling a UK number first).

 Your quick, quick guide to Cheap Cheap calls

Here’s how to get amazingly Cheap Cheap international calls without hardly trying!

1: Go to the Cheap Cheap website to get the access number for the country you want to call. Click here if you’d like to go right now.

2: Dial the access number

3: Listen for a recorded voice asking you to dial your overseas number

4: Now dial the full international phone number, including the 00 (zero zero)


Save even more by using ## for follow-on calls

If you want to make another Cheap Cheap international call straight after your first one, just dial ## (hash, hash) when you’ve finished the first call. Or if you want to make loads of calls, just key ## after each one.

You’ll get a new dialling tone each time and you just dial your new international number as normal—you don’t have to enter the Cheap Cheap access number again.

Using ## might save you extra money too as some phone companies (eg BT) charge you for setting up international calls even if you’re using Cheap Cheap for your call.

If that lot doesn’t cheer you up this Spring, this month’s Cheap Cheap Bird Joke might just do the trick (or not!).


Robin James

MD Cheap Cheap

The Cheap Cheap Spring Bird Joke

How do you catch a unique bird? Unique up on it, of course! And how do you catch a tame bird, then? The tame way: unique up on it!

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