Ever called a mate or a relative’s mobile on the other side of the world and been shocked senseless when your bill arrived and you saw how much it cost?

Frankly, the big networks take the mickey on their pricing for overseas calls to mobiles and it doesn’t look like this state of affairs is going to change any day soon.

Thank goodness for Cheap Cheap then!

Make an overseas call to a mobile with Cheap Cheap and you pay a tiny fraction of what you’d expect to pay with your network supplier.

Already used Cheap Cheap to call a landline? Then you’ll know what a doddle it is to divert your calls round our network and save a packet.

It’s exactly the same process to call a mobile!

But first, see how much Cheap Cheap Cheaper we are

We’ve actually had a bit of a blitz on call costs to international mobiles this month, too, so now it’s even cheaper to call loads of countries. Here are a few of our new Cheap Cheap prices to get you in the mood for some big big savings…


Argentina Mobile Down to 7p a minute
Bulgaria Mobile Down to 4p a minute
Cambodia Mobile Down to 3p a minute
Cyprus Mobile Down to 2.5p a minute
Denmark Mobile Down to 2p a minute
Ireland Mobile Down to 5p a minute
Italy Mobile Down to 5p a minute
Japan Mobile Down to 6p a minute
Macau Mobile Down to 4p a minute
Netherlands Mobile Down to 2.5p a minute
Slovakia Mobile Down to 9p a minute
South Africa Mobile Down to 4p a minute


Get the latest Cheap Cheap price for the country you want to call HERE.

Remember, Cheap Cheap per minute calling costs apply all day, every day. No nasty surprises from us when you call during office hours!

Here’s a quick reminder how it works (not that it’s the slightest bit complicated).

1. You go to our website to get a special code number for the country you want to call. Click here.

2. You dial this number first  (which diverts your call around our internet network instead of your normal supplier’s network) and listen for a voice telling you to dial your normal number

3. You dial your normal overseas number

 4. You talk for as long as you want

5. You save an absolute fortune

6. Your bill shows the Cheap Cheap number you dialled first, not the international mobile number

7. Want to make another call to an overseas mobile? Just key in  ## before you hang up. Some phone companies charge you a call connection fee even when you’re using Cheap Cheap, so using ## can save you a bit of extra dosh too.

Naturally, there are no PINS, passwords, logins, logouts or any of that stuff. (If you’re calling FROM a mobile, it’s a little bit more tricky but not much. Click here for more on Calling FROM a mobile.

All of which means, without further ado, it’s time for the remarkably chucklesome Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of the Month

This month featuring another completely random animal at no extra charge whatsoever. Is there no end to the money you can save with Cheap Cheap?

How do you get down off an elephant?

You don’t, you get down off a duck!


Robin James

MD Cheap Cheap


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