The summer school hols is the time that a lot of Cheap Cheap customers spread their wings and fly off to somewhere hot for a week or two.

But why bother? It’s scorching hot here at home and if you need a bit of international tete a tete, just pick up the phone and with Cheap Cheap’s international call rates you’ll save yourself a fortune.

And whilst you may be sitting around in the garden enjoying a glass of chilled sauvignon blanc and a tasty barbie, the chaps at Cheap Cheap have been beavering away to bring you even more summer savings.

Have a beak at these boys…

Afghanistan Down to13.3p
Argentina Down to 1.5p
Bhutan Down to 4p
Bhutan Mobile Down to 4p
Brazil Mobile Down to 7p
Cyprus Mobile Down to 2p
Dominican Republic Down to 1p
Eritrea Down to 15.3p
Eritrea Mobile Down to 15.3p
Ethiopia Down to 15.3p
Greece Mobile Down to 1p
Guam Mobile Down to 25.5p
Ivory Coast Down to 18.4p
Jamaica Mobile Down to 13.3p
Paraguay Mobile Down to 5p
Reunion Mobile Down to 3p
South Korea Mobile Down to 1p
Vietnam Down to 4p


All these prices are per minute and, being Cheap Cheap, they apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

These brand-new reductions are just the tip of the ice-bucket, though. To find all our brilliant new summer savers, to and from mobiles and landlines, click through to the main Cheap Cheap website.

Here’s swan to make a note of

It could barely be easier to make a Cheap Cheap international call. All you have to do is dial a special Cheap Cheap UK access code before the international number.

Find the code for the country you want to call here then dial it. You’ll hear a voice welcoming you to Cheap Cheap and asking you to dial your normal international number – remembering to include the full international dial code: 00

Talk for as long as you like and save yourself a pretty polly. Sorry, pretty penny. Make a note of the Cheap Cheap access number and use it every time you need to call.

When you think of what BT and the other big boys will charge you for the same calls, it’s a joke.  Except – unlike our monthly bird one, below – it’s not a very funny one.

Robin James

MD Cheap Cheap

The Cheap Cheap August heatwave tropical bird Joke of the Month

Why do hummingbirds hum?
Because they don’t know the words!




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