Phew, that’s a tricky one to get your beak around.

But nevertheless, following the extremely positive response we got from customers in March – for the drastic price reductions we made to destinations you might have to look up in your atlas – we decided to do it all over again!

So this month we’ve slashed the price of calling the former Burma (now Myanmar) and Comoros in the Indian Ocean, amongst others.

We know there’s not too many of you itching to get on the blower to these but, hey, we do what we can to make as many of you bargain-hunters continuously delighted with our totally Cheap Cheap service.

Here are a few of this month’s headline price cuts. Just to be clear, all the new calling costs shown here are per minute (we’re not BT you know!)…

Antigua Barbuda Mobile Now just 13.3p
Bhutan Mobile Now just 5p


Now just 4p

Mozambique Mobile

Now just 6p

Myanmar (Burma)

Now Just 3p



Now just 9p

To see all the very latest Cheap Cheap calling rates, click here.

And don’t worry. Just because we’ve been chop, chop, chopping our rates to these less familiar countries, doesn’t mean we’re ignoring the big boys…

Absolutely 100% not. So here’s a quick reminder of our Top Ten Cheap Cheap destinations (all costs are per MINUTE and apply all day every day):

Australia   Just 1p a minute to call a landline, 4p for a mobile

Canada  A ridiculous 0.5p a minute to call landlines and mobiles

France 0.5p to call a landline, 3p to call a mobile

India 1p to landlines and 1p to mobiles too

Ireland 0.5p to landlines, 4p to mobiles

Kenya 8p to landlines and to mobiles

Mauritius 6p to landlines, 13.3p to mobiles

Pakistan Just 7p to both landlines and mobiles

South Africa 1.5p to landlines, 4p to mobiles

USA 1p a minute to landlines and mobiles


Find all our latest Cheap Cheap call rates on the main Cheap Cheap site.

When we talk about a 6p per minute call to Mauritius, we almost get embarrassed at charging you so much.

And then we remember that BT will charge you 144.2p for the same call. Yes, you read that right. BT will charge you £1.44 (and a bit) for the same call we give you for 6p.

So we’re really not embarrassed any more. (Except, very occasionally, by the quality of our famous Bird Joke of the Month.)


Robin James

MD Cheap Cheap


The Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of the Month

What kind of bird lays electric eggs? A battery hen, of course!




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