It’s another flaptastic selection of bird-brained price reductions from Cheap Cheap this month. And for the brand new year we’ve decided to go to town on international calls to mobiles. Especially on destinations that are a little feather away.

So here’s a quick selection of some of this month’s finest reductions. Coooooooo! is not the word…

  New per minute cost (pence)
Bangladesh Mobile 2
Dominican Republic Mobile 4
El Salvador Mobile 13.3
Ethiopia Mobile 15.3
Hungary Mobile 2.5
Ireland Mobile 4
Jordan Mobile 7
Kazakhstan Mobile 6
Kuwait Mobile 6
Latvia Mobile 4
Lebanon Mobile 10
Malawi Mobile 13.3
Mongolia Mobile 2
Namibia Mobile 7
New Zealand Mobile 2.5
North Cyprus Mobile 9
Paraguay Mobile 7
Peru Mobile 5
Slovakia Mobile 8
Slovenia Mobile 6
Sudan Mobile 9
Swaziland Mobile 13.3
Switzerland Mobile 6
Syria Mobile 9
Trinidad and Tobago Mobile 13.3
Turkmenistan Mobile 6
Turks and Caicos Mobile 15.3
Yemen Mobile 9


Calling far-flung mobiles is not just cheap cheap but so blooming easy to do, too.  Say, for example, you want to call a mobile in New Zealand and chat away for hours knowing you’re only paying 2.5p a minute.

This is what you do:

*First you find the special Cheap Cheap code for calling mobiles in New Zealand. Which is actually 0843 718 3333. (Click on the link below to get started for other countries.)

*You dial this number and then wait a second for a second dial tone.

*Then dial your normal NZ mobile number including 0064 at the start.

*The mobile you called appears on your bill as the Cheap Cheap access code you rang first.

*And you pay the deliciously cheap cheap per minute rate of only 2.5p a minute.

Find the very latest Happy Coo Year prices for the country you want to call HERE


Wondering how Cheap Cheap makes your calls to mobiles so, er, Cheap Cheap? Easy: we whizz your call round the Cheap Cheap internet network – rather than around the big phone companies super-expensive satellite one – and and pass all the brilliant savings on to you.

Naturally you can make Cheap Cheap calls to international mobiles FROM your mobile too.  Do we have to tell you that you’ll save a fortune when you do? Click here for more on this.

And don’t forget that our Cheap Cheap rates to mobiles and landlines both apply all day, every day. So whenever you get the urge to save some money, midday or midnight, we’re here to help.


Robin James

MD Cheap Cheap


The Cheap Cheap New Year Bird Joke of the Month

A duck walks into a pub and orders a pint of lager and a ham sandwich. The landlord is astonished to meet a talking duck but serves him nonetheless. This happens every day for a week.

Finally, the landlord can’t contain himself: “Look, I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but there’s a big circus just come into town and I’m sure with your amazing talent you could easily get a job there.”

The duck looks at him and says “The circus, with the big tent?”

“Yes, that’s it!” replies the landlord. The duck looks puzzled and says:

“Why on earth would a circus need a plasterer?”

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