It’s all very well having unbelievably gob-smackingly cheap calls to USA, France, Canada, China, and all the other big boys out there (and you can click here to find the very latest per minute prices).

But there are loads of smaller or more remote countries, a little off the beaten track who sometimes cost a bit more to have a chinwag with.

So this month we’ve reduced the cost of calling some of the less mainstream destinations. Let’s face it, Cheap Cheap is all about Cheap Cheap calls for everyone, to everywhere!

So here are a few of this month’s reductions. They were already cheap cheaper than BT and now they’re even cheap cheap cheaper!                       

Country Cheap Cheapnumber to dial Pence per minute
Afghanistan Mobile 0913 304 3333 13.3 DOWN
Azerbaijan Mobile 0913 152 3333 20.4 DOWN
Bahrain Mobile 0843 721 3333 4 DOWN
Guatemala 0872 561 3333 9 DOWN
Hungary Mobile 0843 718 3333 2.5 DOWN
Liechtenstein Mobile 0913 153 3333 25.5 DOWN
Lithuania Mobile 0843 721 3333 4 DOWN
Reunion Mobile 0843 721 3333 4 DOWN
Samoa 0913 154 3333 30.6 DOWN
St Kitts and Nevis Mobile 0913 150 3333 15.3 DOWN
St Lucia Mobile 0913 150 3333 15.3 DOWN
Suriname 0872 560 3333 8 DOWN
Syria Mobile 0872 561 3333 9 DOWN
Uruguay 0843 719 3333 3 DOWN


To get these super cheap cheap rates from your landline, just dial the number shown BEFORE you dial your regular number for calling the country concerned.

You need to include the 00 too, exactly as you would normally. Couldn’t be simpler.

Dialling the Cheap Cheap number first diverts your call around the Cheap Cheap internet phone network instead of around BT’s super-expensive satellite one.

And your call appears on your next bill as the Cheap Cheap number you dialled first.

Get the very latest hot-off-the-beak rates

The destinations shown here are just a teeny-tiny fraction of the cheap cheap calls you can make with Chea Cheap.

To find all the latest rates, and to find out how to call from your mobile too, go to the main Cheap Cheap website by clicking here.

Don’t forget that when you make a Cheap Cheap call you can talk for as long as you like without penalty. Once you’re through there are no secret, sneaky price rises if you talk for more than an hour, or a day!

Want to make another cheap cheap call? Press ##

If you want to make another Cheap Cheap international call immediately after your first one, the easiest way is to dial ## before you put the phone down. You can do this as many times as you like.

In addition to getting another cheap cheap call from Cheap Cheap, using ## might save you extra money too. That’s because some phone companies actually charge you for setting up international calls, even if you’re using Cheap Cheap.

What are you waiting for?  Get dialling and start saving!


Robin James

MD Cheap Cheap


The Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of the Month

What do you call an overweight moggy who’s eaten a mallard?

A duck-filled fatty puss, of course!

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