This month we’ve got yet another stonking batch of price cuts on international phone calls to tell you about. Mostly to landlines but quite a few tasty ones to overseas mobiles too.

And this month, just to keep things as clear as a freshly filled garden bird-bath and as plain as a poor little sparrow, we’re showing you what the equivalent BT call rate is for each destination too. (Warning: if you are of a delicate nature, or have a heart condition, best to skip that bit. The prices they charge are REALLY shocking when you see them lined up against your old mate, Cheap Cheap.)

So here we go, have a peck at this little lot. All the prices shown are per minute.


Angola down to 4p    BT 106p

Austria mobile down to 2p       BT 59p

Bangladesh down to 2p      BT 55p

Czech Republic mobile down to 1.5p      BT 34p

French Guiana down to 1p      BT 141p

Italy mobile down to 2p     BT 53p

Japan mobile down to 4p      BT 38p

Latvia down to 1.5p      BT 63p

Lithuania mobile down to 2p         BT 87p

Mongolia down to 2p      BT 166p

Netherlands mobile down to 2p      BT 49p

South Africa down to 1p         BT 70p

Venezuela mobile down to 2p     BT 124p


And don’t forget that Cheap Cheap calls are cheap cheap all day every day. We don’t muck you about by changing the rate during business hours or weekends or evenings or any of that confusing rubbish.

You pay what you see, full stop.

Needless to say, this is only a tiny selection of this month’s jewels in the crown price chops. To look at the very latest price per minute for the Cheap Cheap call you want to make, click on an egg on the main Cheap Cheap website.

How to coo it

Say you wanted to make a cheap cheap call to South Africa. (And who wouldn’t when it’s only a penny a minute from your landline with Cheap Cheap!). You just dial the Cheap Cheap access code number first: 0843 715 3333 then your normal South African number. On your beak, sorry bill, the call shows up as the Cheap Cheap access code not the South Africa number.

Brilliantly simple and simply brilliant. (Unlike this month’s bird joke.)


Robin James

MD Cheap Cheap


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