Welcome back Cheap Cheapers to another fantastic instalment of Cheap Cheap news! It’s fair to say it’s been quite a busy time recently both in the UK and at Cheap Cheap Calls HQ – there’s been lots going on!

Some of the things that we’ve been excited about include the World Athletics Championships, the race for Labour leadership, the new series of The Great British Bake Off, and the recent discovery of a collection of bones in a deep cave in South Africa!

It was quite a fruitful trip to Beijing for the Championships, having come away with 4 gold medals, one silver medal and two bronze medals; we actually made it to 4th on the medal board (for the number of gold medals)!

Whilst that was going on 5,070 miles away, the Labour candidates in good old Blighty were using their debating skills and words of persuasion to aid their plight for leadership. We’ll have to wait until Saturday to find out the results of their labours (excuse the pun!).

With all that serious political discussion going on it’s quite nice to settle down on a Wednesday evening to some good, honest British TV in the form of the delicious Great British Bake Off with that lovely pair, Mel and Sue. Mr Hollywood and Mary Berry surely have the best jobs in the world eating all those breads and pastries?

Our favourite news recently has been the ‘human-like’ bones that were found in the Rising Star Cave, 50 km from Johannesburg, South Africa. Can you imagine clambering through those 8 inch (yes, that’s right, some of them were 8 inches narrow!) tunnels and finally reaching the end where you’re faced with a collection of over 1,500 pieces of bone? The mind boggles! If we had one wish it would be that time travelling machines exist (and that we could eat all the cake in the world without getting fat!).

That’s our wish, but if yours is to save money on your calls to overseas countries you’re in for a treat! This month we have managed to knock down 11 different access numbers which affect 176 countries! That means that we have worked our magic and granted your wish by making it cheaper to call 176 different countries around the world! Pretty good, eh? And here they are…

0913 304 3333 down to just… 13p per minute!

0913 150 3333 down to just… 15p per minute!

0913 152 3333 down to just… 20p per minute!

0913 153 3333 down to just… 25p per minute!

0913 154 3333 down to just… 30p per minute!

0913 155 3333 down to just… 35p per minute!

0913 156 3333 down to just… 40p per minute!

0913 157 3333 down to just… 45p per minute!

0913 158 3333 down to just… 50p per minute!

0913 159 3333 down to just… 60p per minute!

0913 160 3333 down to just… 75p per minute!

So, if your friend is a fan of the Bake Off but they’ve recently moved to the Bahamas, fear not, for you can keep them updated with all the juicy recipes and Bake Off news thanks to our super low call rates!


The Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of the Month

Q: Which bird is always out of breath?

A: A puffin!

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