From 1st July, a new charging system for calling service numbers is being launched by Ofcom.

Currently, when you call a service number (like our access numbers) it’s not always very clear how much the call will cost.   Here at CheapCheap, we refer to how much BT will charge you to call our access numbers, but should you be a Sky, Virgin or TalkTalk customer for example, the cost will invariably be different.

Under the new system calls to numbers beginning 08, 09 or 118 will made up of two parts:

  • An access charge: This part of the call charge goes to your phone company, charged as pence per minute. They will tell you how much the access charge will be for calls to service numbers. It will be made clear on bills and when you take out a contract.
  • service charge: This is the rest of the call charge. The organisation you are calling decides this, and will tell you how much it is.

The changes do not affect calls made to landline, mobile numbers, international or 03 numbers.

Freephone: Now really does mean free!

At the same time, all freephone numbers are being made free to call from all mobile phones.  These are numbers that start 0800 or 0808.

Will this affect the cheaper prices I pay for international calls with Cheap Cheap Calls?

In short, yes.  The price we quote per minute will be in addition to the access charge levied by the phone company you make your phone calls with.  The rates are shown below.

It will however still be massively cheaper to still use our service – for example, BT charge a whopping 79p a minute to call South Africa – where as if you use Cheap Cheap Calls’ access number: 0843 715 3333 the cost would be 1p a minute, plus BT’s access charge of 9.58p a minute.

This equals a 68.42p a minute saving

Calling Germany?  Again, 1p a minute to call our access number (aka service number), and 9.58p a minute for BT’s access charge.  Call direct with BT though and you’ll be paying 40p a minute, so it’s a saving of 29.42 pence a minute.  Not to be sniffed at, I’m sure you’ll agree!

It’s good to talk

Of course, if you’ve any questions regarding these changes, we’re here to help – just give us a call on 0344 332 1234 during office hours.


Residential Access Charge Rate per minute (inc VAT)
3 Mobile 25p
Asda Mobile 8p
BT Retail 9.58p
BT Mobile 30p
EE Home Phone 11p
EE Mobile 44p
GiffGaff Mobile 15p
John Lewis Broadband 9.58p
Kingston Comms 7p
Lyca Mobile 23p
O2 Mobile 25p
Phone Co-Op 7.2p
Phone Co-Op Mobile 21p
PlusNet 9.58p
Post Office To Be Confirmed
Sky 9.5p
SSE Energy 6.9p
Talk Mobile 15p
TalkTalk 5p
TalkTalk Mobile 20p
Tesco Mobile 25p
Utility Warehouse landline 9p
Utility Warehouse mobile 20p
Virgin Media 10.25p
Virgin Mobile 36p
Vodafone 23p to 45p
Zen 8p

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