I was chatting to one of our regular customers the other day. She’s a lady who used to do a lot of globe-trotting for her company (a big soap and washing-up liquid manufacturer, actually) and so had built up a big address book of friends all over the world.

She was telling me that she uses Cheap Cheap absolutely all the time for her personal international calls. From her mobile when she’s out and about travelling round the UK, and from her landline when she’s at home in her Manchester flat.

She reckoned she saves over £300 a year by using Cheap Cheap instead of BT (who supplies her landline) or O2 (who supply her mobile).

Staggering isn’t it?

But lovely to hear how Cheap Cheap’s cheap cheap prices are really working to slash the cost of calling overseas.

But she was saying that, because she already knows all about how brilliant we are at saving money, she only reads these newsletters now to see the Bird Joke at the end!

Well, I won’t get insulted that she’s no longer reading all my words of wisdom but, hey, let’s put the bird joke first this month, just for Linda…

What goes peck, peck, peck, peck, BOOM!
A chicken in a minefield.

And, hot on its claws, here are this month’s brand-new, super Cheap Cheap savings to rustle the feathers of the big boys yet again!

There’s nothing funny about the mega-bucks you can save…


Guadeloupe Mobile Down to 2.5p
Guyana Down to 15.3p
Guyana Mobile Down to 18.4p
Kazakhstan Down to 1.5p
Liechtenstein Mobile Down to 18.4
Lithuania Mobile Down to 1.5p
Malaysia Mobile Down to 1p
Tanzania Down to 18.4p
Tanzania Mobile Down to 18.4p
Uganda Down to 13.3p


As usual with Cheap Cheap, these new per minute rates apply all day every day and you can talk for as long as you like without any penalty. The rates here are what you’ll pay from your landline.

Get Cheap Cheap rates from your mobile and for all other countries HERE

If unlike Linda and all our other super-savers, you’re a Cheap Cheap beginner, you’ll need to know how to use us.

From your landline just dial the Cheap Cheap access code before your normal international number. This is the number that appears on your phone bill.

From your mobile, you simply need to buy some calling credit first by sending us a quick text. Easy.

Click here to find out just how much you can save.


Robin James

Managing Director

Cheap Cheap

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