As I write this, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and it’s another brilliant day in the Cheap Cheap office. It’s days like this when you don’t really mind that your best friend has headed off into the Tunisian sunshine! I might even light the BBQ later in celebration!

The British weather can be a fickle one though, can’t it? One minute we’re all basking in the sunshine having rummaged through our wardrobes looking for last year’s shorts, then the next minute we’re zipping up our coats and heading outside into the rain! Thank goodness we’ve got Cheap Cheap Calls to keep the smiles on our faces! Dependable, reliable, quick, easy and cheap – just what you’d want from an international call service!

With our super cheap cheap calls you could give your friends around the world a call to let them know that old Blighty is experiencing some terrific weather, similar to that in Barcelona! As the saying goes, ‘sharing is caring’ and Cheap Cheap makes it incredibly easy to share anything from the weather and business news to favourite recipes and even family announcements to your nearest and dearest any where in the world!

Predictably, our Cheap Cheap rates are staying super low. Here’s a quick summary of some of our fantastic deals…

Australia – 1p/min
Canada – 1p/min
Germany – 1p/min
India – 1p/min
Ireland – 1p/min
Pakistan Mobile – 4p/min
Poland – 1p/min
South Africa – 1p/min
Spain – 1p/min
USA – 1p/min

I know, sometimes I wonder what the catch is too, but there isn’t one! Want to call at 3am? Go right ahead. Want to stay on the phone for 4 hours at the same great rate? You can! Our outstanding rates are the same whenever you want to call, even if it’s at 5am on Christmas morning to see if Santa’s been – we won’t stop you or charge you any hidden fees and there’s no sign-up or monthly billing either! Just call and save, the Cheap Cheap way.

So, unlike the weather (which seems to be teasing us recently!) Cheap Cheap promises to always provide outstanding deals on your international calls! Who ever said predictability was boring? Not Cheap Cheap!

The Cheap Cheap (Bad) Bird Joke of the Month


Q: When should you buy a bird?
A: When it’s going ‘cheap’!

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