Seems like all the shops are desperate for our hard-earned readies at the mo, doesn’t it? January Sale, Spring Sale, Pre-Summer End of Season What Shall We Call This Week’s Sale Sale… and so on.

And, to be fair, there’s nothing like a big sale offer with whopping great savings to catch the eye.

But here at Cheap Cheap, whilst we do have new, even-lower prices on lots of call destinations most months, we also have a giant pile of per minute prices that are, if you like, in the sale the whole time!

These are our dozens and dozens of 1p destinations – the countries you can call with Cheap Cheap for just ONE PENNY A MINUTE.

No catches, no small-print, no sign-ups or contracts – just super Cheap Cheap calls, all day, every day.

You can flap over to the main website to see all our 1p-a-minute bargains but, as a taster, have a gander at this little lot…

Australia, Belgium and most of Europe, China mobiles, Canada, French Guiana, Hong Kong, India, Lithuania, Morocco, Peru, Singapore mobiles, USA, USA mobiles, Venezuela. And loads more here

Pretty impressive, no?

Even more impressive is the actual savings you’ll make when you choose Cheap Cheap rather than boring BT.

Take our brand-new rate for calling South Africa, for example. From today you can use Cheap Cheap to call your chums in the Cape for just 2p a minute. Yet if you chose to call them with a BT landline you’d be coughing up over 90p a minute. NINETY PENCE vs TWO PENCE?

Even our relatively expensive destinations are gobsmackingly cheaper than BT. We’ve managed to pull down the cost of calling mobiles in good-old Burkino Faso to 18.4p per minute, for example. Doesn’t sound Cheap Cheap compared to USA for a penny, sure, but use BT and you’ll get a bill for £1.27 a minute.

Yep, that’s a saving of £1.08 every single minute you’re on the line when you use Cheap Cheap.

We call that a Cheap Cheap No Brainer No Brainer!


Robin James

Managing Director

Cheap Cheap


The Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of the Month

A salesman from KFC offers the Pope ten million quid if he’ll change the words of The Lord’s Prayer from “give us this day our daily bread” to “give us this day our daily chicken.” The Pope thinks for a minute and says no deal. Two days later, the salesman comes back and offers him 20 million. No way, says the pope. Finally the salesman offers him a hundred million cash to make the change and is delighted when the pontiff says yes. The next day the Pope sits down with his cardinals and says “I have good news. And I have bad news. The good news is, we have just received a donation of 100 million pounds for our coffers. The bad news is we have lost the Hovis account.”

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