Common Cheap International Calling Questions

Q: Who can use this service?

A: Anyone calling from within the UK can make use of our service – our access numbers are not dial-able from anywhere outside of the British Isles.

Q: How will I be charged for my international calls?

A: Your usual phone calls provider will charge you a per minute rate for the calls you make to our access numbers on top of the Cheap Cheap advertised rate.  You can find out more here.

Q: How do I sign up for your service?

A: With our instant access numbers, you simply dial the access number for your chosen country to start saving. There are no accounts to set up, and no prepayments are required. (Unless of course you wish to create an account and use our local rate access number, which avoids paying the “access charge” levied by your phone calls provider when calling our 0843, 0872 and 09 numbers.

Q: Am I charged a connection fee as well as a pence per minute?

A: There are no connection fees what-so-ever when you dial a CheapCheap Access Number, whether you call from a UK landline or mobile. However, you will pay your phone providers Access Charge on top of the cost of our numbers, shown below.  We do charge a connection fee with our prepaid service Accounts Service of 5p per call.

Q: What is the price to call your access numbers?

Prices were updated on 11th April 2018 and are inclusive of VAT @ 20%

Price Band inc VAT (Plus your phone company's access charge)Access Number
1p/min0843 715 3333
2p/min0843 716 3333
2p/min0843 717 3333
3p/min0843 718 3333
3p/min0843 719 3333
4p/min0843 721 3333
5p/min0843 723 3333
6p/min0872 548 3333
7p/min0872 549 3333
8p/min0871 560 3333
9p/min0872 561 3333
10p/min0872 562 3333
12p/min0870 047 7477
15p/min0913 304 3333
15p/min0913 150 3333
18p/min0913 306 3333
20p/min0913 152 3333
25p/min0913 153 3333
30p/min0913 154 3333
35p/min0913 155 3333
40p/min0913 156 3333
45p/min0913 157 3333
50p/min0911 158 3333
60p/min0913 159 3333
£5/call0904 446 3333