I have a problem connecting to the Cheap International Call access number.

We’ve received a small number of complaints from customers that cannot connect to our access number 0161 328 2820 from their mobile phone. The reason for this problem lies with your mobile provider – we advise you to contact your mobile provider to complain about this connection issue.

How do I find the rate for the country I want to call?

Before you make a call, an automated rate message will inform you of the exact price of the call. Rates are quoted in pence per minute and are inclusive of VAT.

How long does my cheap international calling credit remain valid?

Calling amount stays valid for a period of 60 days – there are no daily charges, so any balance remaining will always be available throughout the period.

How long will the Cheap Cheap Call rates last?

Rates are subject to change at any time. Please visit our website regularly or sign up for our newsletter in order to receive our latest price updates.

How are my calls charged?

Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute. You pay a 5p connection fee, plus the current rate per minute.

Can I use my calling credit on another handset not just the one I used to prepay?

Yes -simply dial the access number from any landline or mobile, and use together with your PIN.

Are there any limits to the amount of credit I can top my mobile up with?

You can only credit each mobile a maximum of 10 times per day.