FREE calls to IndonesiaFree calls to Indonesia

Do you have an inclusive calls package with your phone provider?

If you do, you can make free calls to Indonesia – simply by calling our special 0845 international access number.

Here’s how to get started, right now:

  1. Dial 0845 319 0128 – you’ll hear a quick welcome message, followed by a new dial tone.
  2. Now dial the international number in Indonesia starting 0062, as you usually would.
  3. Finished chatting?  Hang up as normal.

To make another free call to Indonesia, or to 100s of other countries just redial 0845 319 0128.

There’s no pins, no prepayments and no registration is needed.  Just make a note of the ‘dial-around’ access number, 0845 319 0128, and use it whenever you need to make an overseas call.

Be sure to check the list of inclusive calls packages:

BT offer call packages such as Unlimited Anytime Calls, that can be found here.

EE pay monthly and small business customers can buy an add-on for £6 a month that gives 200 minutes to call numbers that begin 084 and 087 by texting 08MIN200 to 150.  More can be found about EE’s deal here.

Sky Talk offer inclusive call packages such as Sky Talk Anytime Extra, more can be found here.

Virgin Media offer inclusive call packages such as Talk More Anytime, more can be found here.

Vodafone pay monthly customers can get 300 minutes to 0845 numbers for £2.50 a month by texting NONGEO to 97886. See full details of Vodafone’s bundle deals here.

Calling 0845 319 0128 costs 5p per minute (plus your phone provider’s access charge) should you not have inclusive calls.  Please check with your provider that calls to 0845 numbers are included in your package.